Meet Autumn

Autumn Ewald has been a REALTOR® for four years. She loves everything about real estate, but her favorite part is the journey and the adventure she has with her clients as they search for or list their homes. Autumn loves to dream, plan, and guide her clients through the home buying or selling process.

Autumn moved to Katy in 2009 and has watched Katy grow and expand. She has three kids from 4-8. They keep her very busy with all their activities and studies. She likes to say her "favorite sport is whichever one my kids are playing". She loves to watch them in whatever they do rather it is practice or a game. It is important to her that her kids know that she is there and that she cares and is proud of them in all things.

Autumn wants to truly try to help her clients feel prepared as well as educated during the home buying and selling process. Autumn's aware that buying and selling a home can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. Autumn's hope is to help take that stress off of her clients so they can feel confident in the process.

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